It’s a time of uncertainty. The future isn’t clear and it’s unsettling.

We need to work closely and share advice, ideas, experience and expertise to solve problems. How buyers view and interact with new residential developments has changed.

Digital engagement is more important than ever.

Internet usage is soaring. People are hungry for information and craving online content.

A house won’t be top of people’s priority list. Buyers now have to stay at home.

With no one able to visit your marketing suites or show homes, how are you going to effectively market your sites?

Your audience is looking for...

Our digital recommendations to keep your business moving

Optimised website presence.

Your website is your virtual marketing suite and showroomIt’s the place your audience will be visiting and it can be an effective tool for engagement that captures quality leads.

A review of your website will highlight where it can be improved and optimised to benefit your audience and increase the number of successful user experiences.

Social media.

A strong social media presence offers many benefits, including:

– Raises awareness of products and services.
– Opens two-way communication between you and potential buyers.
– Shows your business as being ‘human’ and allows you to articulate core values.

It’s a great tool to engage your audience.

Most importantly it gets potential buyers into your sales funnel, generating new leads.

Virtual tours.

A Matterport 360 tour allows users to interact with a fast, 3D capture of a room, building or space with dynamic benefits including:

– Interactive elements, such as hotspots of information and a measurement tool.
Revisions of content – If your specification changes, you can easily update your information. 

360° video.

Much like the Matterport 360 tour, 360° video allows potential buyers to explore space and get a better sense of the environment than they normally would from a static photo.

Let’s have a virtual coffee and a chat.

We can share ideas, collaborate, and come up with a ways to keep your business moving.

Focused marketing on the right platforms can get results and engage your audience.

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Want to take digital experiences a step further?

Augmented Reality.

AR allows buyers to explore and interact with your new development, while providing vital customer insight – even before the first spade hits the ground.

Virtual Reality.

VR gives buyers the chance to explore a virtual space or entire development. It works incredibly well in marketing suites or when buyers can use their own hardware.

Alternatively you could utilise

Google Cardboard.

A fold-out VR viewer for your smart phone, Google Cardboard can be branded and printed – perfect for direct mail or on-site experiences.

It’s time to take your developments directly to your potential buyers!

Development-specific AR app.

One simple download lets buyers explore your development without leaving their homes.

The table-top AR platform gives access to a 3D, interactive experience and full details of all individual house types.